June 13 Meeting Notes- Opening – Brian Sump and Scott Scott DaBell Flooding status – Good news!
Lehi CERT is now a 501(c)(3) – we can accept tax deductible donations, we have a checking account and will set up Venmo. Think of donation items needed and cost and make donation page for those items.
Review minutes May meeting on Communication – Steven Mack Review new LehiCERT.org website. Please check it out!
Callout discussion – Brian Sump Callout app GroupMe will no longer be used New app Slack – PLEASE download app (mobile & desktop), join and get get familiar with app and LehiCERT Slack space channels.
Callout process First to show up is incident leader, get clipboard Get person with radio stay next to you Sign in every person showing up. Check in with CERT Trailer (if available), Report status, get instructions If CERT trailer is not (yet) operational, check in with Command Center Church leaders do not dictate emergency operations plans. They should work with CERT Division leaders.
Next mtg Aug. 9 BBQ, Location TBD Training schedule in September, probably at FS82 ++++++