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Lehi’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is trained to help neighborhoods and community prepare for emergencies and disaster recovery during the first 72 hours following an event when professional Emergency Response Teams need assistance.

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What If This Happened to You?

Following a major disaster, first responders who provide fire and medical services may not be able to meet the demand for these services. Factors such as number of victims, communication failures, and road blockages will prevent people from accessing emergency services they have come to expect at a moment’s notice through 911. People will have to rely on each other for help in order to meet their immediate life-saving and life-sustaining needs.

What Is CERT?

The purpose of CERT training is to provide private citizens with the basic skills that they will need to handle most of their own needs and then to respond to their neighborhoods’ and communities’ needs in the aftermath of a disaster.

Why Is There a Need?

Each year numerous communities fall victim to some disaster. This may be in the form of an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, blizzard, flood or “man-made” disasters.

When we hear about this or see it on the news, it always seems to be happening to someone else but . . . What if this did happen to you?

CERT Sponsors

Our CERT team is sponsored locally by the City of Lehi, Utah. CERT nationally is sponsored by the Citizen Corps and the Division of Emergency Services & Homeland Security (DESHS) of the Department of Public Safety of the State of Utah. 


Lehi Utah CERT Program
Phone/SMS: (801) 602-4133‬
Email: info@lehicert.org

Repeater: 448.925 MHz, -5MHz offset, 100Hz tone

Basic CERT Course

Unit 1: Disaster Preparedness
Unit 2: CERT Organization
Unit 3-4: Disaster Medical Operations
Unit 5: Disaster Psychology
Unit 6: Fire Safety and Utility Controls
Unit 7: Light Search and Rescue Operations
Unit 8: Terrorism and Hazardous Materials Safety
Unit 9: Course Review, Final Exam, and Disaster Simulation

Lehi CERT Active Members



U.S. Disasters in 2022 over $1B

The purpose of CERT training is to provide private citizens with the basic skills that they will need to handle many of their own needs and then to respond to their neighborhoods and communities needs in the aftermath of a disaster.

"I joined CERT for a number of reasons. I have been through several major regional emergency situations and came to realize that preparedness and self-sufficiency are VERY important. It is also a way I can help support my community and my neighbors."


-Steve B. Lehi, UT

“I appreciate that CERT tells community members that they have to expect to help themselves and not just wait for help to come.”


– David C. Lehi, UT

“I like being part of the solution. CERT makes me feel like I’m giving back to the community and that’s important to me. And I’m more prepared to take care of my family.”


– Heidi N. Lehi, UT

Special Events

Lehi CERT Training Course

September 5, 12, 19, 26, 2024

Lehi CERT will hold its next training course in the Fall. Register below to save a spot. Course fee of $50 covers course material: helmet, vest, goggles & gloves.

Hands-on CERT Mock Disaster


This is the hands-on part of CERT training where students and CERT Team members will participate in a mock disaster to check and hone their skills.

Message from our Lehi CERT Director, Brian Sump

Hello! I have been involved with Lehi CERT for many years, and I’m excited to see how it has grown and developed. We now have a top-notch team of trained volunteers who are ready to respond to help the City. We would welcome all of you to join with us in being prepared and joining in the volunteer efforts to help our friends and families in Lehi.


A special thanks to the City of Lehi for sponsoring and supporting us!

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