What is CERT?

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program is a nationally supported, locally implemented initiative that teaches people how to better prepare themselves for hazards that may affect their communities.

Since 1993, CERT trains the public in basic disaster response skills such as team organization, disaster medical operations, fire safety, and light search and rescue. The ability for CERT volunteers to perform these activities frees up professional responders to focus their efforts on more complex, essential, and critical tasks


Joining a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) can provide numerous benefits for individuals who are interested in emergency preparedness and response. Some of the benefits of joining CERT include:

    1. Training: CERT provides valuable training on topics such as disaster preparedness, fire safety, medical operations, search and rescue techniques, and team organization. The training is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively respond to emergencies in their communities.

    2. Improved preparedness: Through the training and hands-on experience provided by CERT, individuals can improve their own preparedness for emergencies and disasters. They can also learn how to help their families and communities better prepare for such events.

    3. Increased safety: Being part of a CERT team can also increase personal safety during emergencies. Members of CERT are trained to follow safety protocols and to work collaboratively with other emergency responders.

    4. Community involvement: CERT provides an opportunity for individuals to become more involved in their communities and to make a positive impact. CERT members can help their communities prepare for emergencies, respond to disasters, and support recovery efforts.

    5. Networking: Joining CERT can also provide opportunities for networking and connecting with other like-minded individuals who are passionate about emergency preparedness and response.

    6. Personal growth: Participating in CERT can also promote personal growth and development. CERT members learn new skills, gain confidence in their abilities, and develop leadership skills that can be valuable in other areas of their lives.

Overall, joining a CERT team can provide numerous benefits for individuals who are interested in emergency preparedness and response. Through training, improved preparedness, increased safety, community involvement, networking, and personal growth, CERT members can make a significant contribution to their communities and be better prepared to respond to emergencies and disasters.

Lehi CERT Organization


Lehi Utah CERT Program
Phone/SMS: (801) 602-4133‬
Email: info@lehicert.org

Where we meet

128 N 100 E St, Lehi, UT 84043

Usually, Lehi CERT Team meetings are held in the Lehi City Police Department building in the Broadbent Conference Room on the 1st floor.

When we meet

2nd Wednesday of the Month (usually)

See the topics listed for monthly meetings on our calendar page.

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Who can come

All are welcome to come!

Each monthly meeting has one or more topics that will be covered by experienced CERT Team members. 

Mission Statement

The mission of Lehi Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is to enhance community preparedness and resilience by providing training and resources for residents to become effective emergency responders.

We aim to empower individuals and families to take an active role in preparing for and responding to emergencies in their neighborhoods, and to work collaboratively with local emergency responders and government agencies to strengthen our community’s overall disaster readiness.

Our goal is to promote a culture of preparedness, safety, and service that helps to mitigate the impact of disasters and fosters a strong sense of community support and resilience.

A special thanks to the City of Lehi for sponsoring and supporting us!

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