Lehi Area Preparedness Net

This new ham radio net, started by the Lehi CERT Team, has been created to encourage ham radio operators in the Lehi area to regularly practice using their radio equipment and to train in emergency communications, and to help facilitate regular communication between organizations involved in preparedness, including cities, church organizations, businesses, and other preparedness groups.

This net is also intended to help newly licensed hams overcome the first time jitters of talking on the radio, and to provide them with positive mentoring and encouragement as they learn this new hobby.

The primary objectives are to:

    • increase coordination and interaction between civic, community, religious and volunteer groups involved with emergency preparedness and response in the Lehi area.
    • provide emergency communication training for ham radio operators
    • build a team of trained and ready ham radio operator on our CERT team
    • provide mentoring for new ham radio operators

This net is open to all licensed ham radio operators.  We hope that all ham operators in the Lehi area can join us on this net and help build our communications readiness on our CERT team and in other groups in the Lehi area.

Net Info
Wednesdays, 20:00 hrs (8:00pm)
Repeater Frequency
448.925 MHz Repeater, -5MHz offset, 100 Mhz tone
Simplex Frequency (may be used from time to time for simplex practice.)
145.55 MHz simplex
Net Manager
Jeff McGrath – N1SC
If you have questions or suggestions for this net please feel free to contact me via email or after the net.
Net Script
Calling the Lehi Area Preparedness Net, Calling the Lehi Area Preparedness Net.  This is net control station  (call-sign)  and my name is              .
The purpose of this net is to provide emergency communications training for ham radio operators in the Lehi area, and to announce activities and events of local preparedness organizations.  This net is open to all ham radio operators and all are encouraged to participate.
This is a directed net. Please transmit only as directed by the Net Control Station. All stations checking-in are asked to remain on frequency until released by the Net Control Station.  You may request permission to transmit by giving the last two or three letters of your call sign during a pause in the net. We use the ARRL standard for the word BREAK for priority and emergency traffic only.
Is there any emergency or priority traffic for the net?  Please call now.
To begin the net this evening we will start with check-ins.
Check-ins will be taken in the following format: key your mic when ready and give your call-sign slowly and clearly using standard phonetics, and indicate whether you have any traffic for the net. After every three or four check-ins, please pause while I acknowledge the calling stations and ask for corrections (or relays — used on simplex nets).
Any stations wishing to check-in the net this evening, please call now.
(Take check-ins)
Thanks to all for checking-in and welcome to net.
This is  (call-sign)  , Net Control Station for the Lehi Area Preparedness Net.
Stations with traffic:
Training item:
Any other questions or comments for the net:
Late check-ins:
This is  (call-sign)  , Net Control Station for the Lehi Area Preparedness Net, closing the net at  (time) .  All stations have permission to close.  Good evening and 73s.   (call-sign)