This FAQ list is provided to area citizens who would like to know more about the CERT program and what it entails. 


Q. How do I sign up for the Hybrid CERT course? 

A: www.OnlineCERT.org

Q: What is the exact amount of time for the hands-on training portion? 

A: The online portion of the class takes 12 hours, and the hands-on training takes 16 hours. When you are using the new Hybrid training module, plan for more time than expected so that you can make adjustments and so students can plan accordingly. In-person, class sizes do not influence the time frame of taking the course if you use the one instructor to six student’s ratio. FEMA Training manuals state that all mandatory modules must be taught to complete CERT Basic.

Q: Can I use my mobile device to access the course? 

A: Yes. Mobile OS:iOS 12 (or newer) and Android 6.0 (or newer)

Q: Is there a difference between the Participants Manual and the Instructor’s Guide? 

A: Yes. There is certain information that is only provided in the instructor’s guide, but in most cases will be provided in both.

Q: Could you download the entire toolkit folder all at once? 

A: Yes.

Q: How do I prove completion to my CERT coordinator? 

A: You will be automatically emailed a certificate of completion for each unit through Merit (www.merits.com) or you may print out your certificate and bring it with you to class.

Q: Do the instructors, and group coaches need to be trained and certified to teach CERT Basic? 

A: State and Federal guidelines for instructor’s state that they should take CERT Train the Trainer course. FEMA states that the course manager or lead instructor should take the CERT Train the Trainer course. It will be up to the local program to execute this because this training has limited availability. If you need further resources on these topics, please email info@nationalcert.org  for follow-up.

Q: Can we use the online course for training refreshers for our teams? 

A: Yes.

Q: Is there a “Cheat Sheet” for hands-on versus digging through the manual. 

A: Hybrid CERT “Best Practices” “Cheat Sheet” is available here.

Q. Will we automatically receive a certificate once we are done with the post-test for the Hybrid Online Webinar Series?

A: Once you take the post-test, you will automatically receive a certificate from Merit.

Q: Where could we find the link for the online course?

 A: Onlinecert.org or medicine.utah.edu/rmcoeh/about-us/outreach/cert.php. Then you can go to the section that says Free Online CERT 2020 Course (English/Spanish)

Q: If you have participated in the Hybrid CERT Webinar series as a couple or group, is it necessary for everyone to take the post-test? 

A: It is encouraged that each individual that watches this webinar takes the post-test on their own. It is also essential that each student makes their own online learning user profile and take it independently unless local programs make exceptions.

Q: Do participants need to set up a Merit account? 

A: Students do not need to set up an independent Merit account. Once you sign up with their email on the LMS, they will automatically receive an email to sign up for an account. This process will allow participants to collect their certificates for course completion.

Q: Do instructors need to be medical professionals, or must they take the Train-the-Trainer course? 

A: They do not need to take the Train the Trainer course, and the instructors do not need to be professionals in the field. It is up to the local program to decide who is qualified to train.

Q: Who pays for the Hybrid CERT training? 

A: Hybrid training is free to take. Utah University has agreed to host the LMS, and funding to develop the Hybrid CERT has come from grants and sponsors.

Q: What if we have technical issues connecting to google drive? 

A: Please email us so that we could help you with the technical issues to OnlineCERT@utah.edu

Q: Is the Merit Certificate only for the online portion of the training?

A: Yes.

Q: Could we use the Hybrid CERT as a refresher? 

A: Yes.

Q: When will FEMA make Train the Trainer a Hybrid Course? 

A: FEMA is currently looking into creating a hybrid version, but this is not available. If you would like to have supplemental webinars for TTT, please contact your state coordinator so you could have access to this material.

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